Its that time of year…Again!

Now, I’m not one for being organised when it comes to Christmas, quite the opposite. I tend to be one of those people who buys presents on Christmas Eve, doesn’t plan what is for Christmas lunch and so everywhere has sold out of all the good birds and we end up eating sausage rolls and  I refuse to put up the tree until the last possible moment. I do however realise that not everyone is like me. Some of you will have already started planning you festivities, and some of you (my older sister for sure) will already have presents bought and wrapped. But don’t you find there is always that one person that is just impossible to buy for. The horsey person in your life, we’ve all got one! What do you buy the person who only really cares if Christmas lunch can be brought to the yard because  “I want to spend it with the horses”? Well, funny you should ask. Why not buy them a voucher to spend on a photo shoot for them and their horse/s? And if your feeling really generous, or maybe want to go the extra mile for a special someone this year why not buy a voucher for their favourite image to be made into a beautiful canvas or framed print? Perhaps they are already a Dressing Up Box Photography client, why not have one of their images made into beautiful, large format art? The perfect gift for that fussy equestrian! What are you waiting for…Christmas?

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