Thank you for coming to visit Becky Swallow Photography

british dressage winter regionals 2022

pictures of horses

pictures of weddings

Pictures of babies & FAMILIES

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  1. I had my first session with Becky when she came to Belle Vues camp. She was so lovely and seemed genuinely passionate about what she does. My pony was not at all phased by her or the camera. She took plenty of time getting the right angles, background and lighting. I’m definitely going to be buying a few of her shots!📸

  2. Hi when will the pictures from myerscough su day bs be on please the 19th

    • Hi Samantha,
      They should be ready mid week. I have to get them all edited so it take me a few days. I’ll post links as soon as they’re ready.

  3. I cant find the photos from Myercough Brutish Showjumping show on Saturday the 18th of december, please could you let me know how to fund them x

    • Hi Olivia,
      They are uploading now. There is nearly 2000 so it’s not the quickest upload sorry. Should be ready in the next few hours. X

  4. Hi there, I have ordered a photo from bd regionals today. Do you write on them what they are? Maybe British Dressage Winter Regionals Elementary FSM 2022?

    • Hi Isabel,
      I can write on them, but ideally I need to know before you place your order as once it’s been placed it’s out of my hands.
      I can contact the printers and see if they have already displaced your order, if they haven’t I can write on it for you.

      • Hi there
        Yes I have already placed the order. There was no option to request when I ordered. It’s has automatically gone on when I have ordered from other events

      • Really disappointed with the image quality, it is really grainy. Photo was more expensive than some other events, poorer quality and not written on where it was which was a large reason for purchasing as thrilled to be at regionals at elementary level

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