22nd April 2016

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Vale of Lune Hunt Kennels, photographing their beautiful pack of Harriers.

I have long been a supporter or the Vale of Lune Hunt and so it gives me great pleasure to be able to be a part of documenting what goes on behind the scenes at Kennels once the hunting season has ended.

The Harriers are firstly and most importantly a very well trained pack of working hounds which the hunt relies upon. But they are also a very loving, friendly bunch who, just like any other canine love to play and receive attention. These beautiful hounds are the responsibility of the Vale of Lune Huntsman, Stephen Sheply. He is the Boss and all of the hounds look to him for their instruction, from the new puppies who are learning the ropes to the seasoned pro’s.

I had such a wonderful time being “a part of the pack” and am very happy to say that this is just the first instalment of Harrier images I will be posting. I have a long list of dates in my very busy diary where I will be taking photographs of the hunt and the hounds, from county shows to charity rides, puppy shows to hound racing so keep a look out for new images. I will also post a list of dates and events where you are more than welcome to come along and meet the Harriers and show your support for the Vale of Lune Hunt.

All of the images of the Harriers are for sale and are available in many different formats. 25% of all profits from the sale of images of the Harriers will go straight to the Vale of Lune  to support the Hunt.


Becky xx





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