Equestrian Portraits

When you make the decision to invest in a photo shoot you have made the decision to turn your 4-legged friend into fine art. However, the art is just one aspect of what is created. You will be creating memories too. A photo shoot is a wonderfully fun experience and when its all about you and your horse, you can guarantee its a good couple of hours of you being with your horse that, for most people, isn’t something they get to do everyday. This might sound odd, but think of what it is you do with your horse daily – mucking out, riding, cleaning tack, grooming, filling haynets and making feeds, rugging up,turning out? Maybe all of these things. But when you have a photo shoot you will spend the time doing non of those things, you will just be with your horse, no interruptions, just quality time with you horse, having cuddles, kisses, being close with your horse. All of my clients tell me how much they enjoyed the experience of just being with their horse, so much so that they almost forgot I was there taking photos.

Once the shoot is over and you go back to your daily jobs on the yard, I go back to my studio and get to work on your photos. Each image is given lots of attention to make sure that when you see the final image it is as perfect as possible. This, for you, is probably the hardest part of the whole experience, the waiting. It can take up to two weeks for me to finish your images, but don’t worry, I like to send you little snippets of what I’m doing as it unfolds.

As soon as the images are all finished we arrange a viewing. Actually, maybe this is the hardest part as this is when you sit down and see what I’ve created and then start the difficult process of choosing the images which you would like to have turned into full size, fine art.

Your selections then get sent to the print lab to be professionally printed, returned to me and then off to the framers to undergo the final process of becoming, beautiful, framed art that will hang on the walls of you home for years and years to come.

Its worth the wait, I promise.

Whats included in the price?

*A beautiful, fine art print, mounted, framed and delivered to you ready to hang. It can even be gift wrapped if its a present. The overall size of the finished piece is approximately  21″x 17″ (the size may vary slightly depending on the dimensions of the images you choose, print size is roughly A4).

*Styling advice

*Up to 2 hours of photography with as many outfit changes as you like.

*Fully edited slideshow to music containing all of the final edited and re-touched images. Accessible via a private, online gallery.

*A personal viewing and ordering session. 

Prices start from £240 for all of the above.

Additional images, framed prints, canvas prints, albums, memory boxes and gifts can be ordered at any time.

To book your photo shoot fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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