About Me – The photography story

So this is the bit where I tell you about me…


I’m Becky, a mother to two beautiful children (one of each), a wife to an incredible husband and to everyone else I’m the crazy “Deighton” girl who takes photos. I should maybe clarify that Deighton is my maiden name, and even though I’ve been married since 2014 I still haven’t managed to shake the “Crazy Deighton” completely out of me.

My photography journey started when I was at school. Technology wasn’t quite what it is today so instead of a neat little digital camera or iPhone in my school bag, I carried around a chunky film camera, which of course cost my mum an arm and a leg when I wanted a new film developing every week. My first photography class was an after school club when I was 14, at the time I was at school in Portugal. My tutor was very patient and between his basic English and my novice Portuguese we muddled through. It was pretty much from there that I fell in love photography. I wasn’t much of an artist in the typical sense and was very frustrated that I knew I was creative but couldn’t draw or paint (what school seemed to think were the only art forms).  Photography became a way for me to be creative in my own way, although I wouldn’t actually come to realise it for a good few years.

I came back to England in 2002. Looking back I think I left my passion for photography in Portugal. But I was only 15 so like most teenagers there were plenty of other things that were clearly far more important! I didn’t really pick up a camera again until I was 18. I was going on my first girls holiday and thought it best to buy a mini digital camera to document the event. I enjoyed having a camera in my bag again. From there I never left the house without my little digital friend. In all fairness, what I was taking pictures of weren’t exactly award winning subjects (drunken friends at parties and my cats) but having a camera with me all the time was paving the way for what would come. My passion was returning. I bought myself a little bridge camera when I was 19 and started to be a bit more creative with my images. I got my hands on a Cannon 10D when I was 20, a big step up from what I was using. It came everywhere with me and my confidence using it was growing.

In 2009, at 21, I was admitted to the Priory Hospital suffering with acute depression and anxiety. I had been suffering with mental illness for many years but it had finally got too much for me. It was there that I came to realise my true love for creativity. During my admission I took part in “art therapy”. I was sceptical at first as art had never been my strong subject but I was quick to realise that art as an adult is very different from art at school. During art therapy I learnt how to channel my creativity and produce work that helped me explore my illness and better explain it to my friends and family. I had turned a corner, opened a door, saw the light, however you want to phrase it. When I was discharged in December 2009 I was confident that 2010 would be a good year! And it was…

Fast-forward to 2012 I decided that I wanted to learn more about my passion and so enrolled on a Level 2 night course at Kendal College. I LOVED it! It totally changed the way I used my camera and how I produced my ‘art’. I finished the course with the top mark of Distinction and quickly enrolled on the Level 3 which started in 2013. Every week I was learning new things, being pushed to new places, trying new techniques and becoming to realise that I was actually quite good. By the end of Level 3, I had again achieved the top mark of Distinction and was beyond proud of myself. On the last session my tutor, Dave Willis, sat me down and asked me what I was going to do next? I didn’t have an answer. I really hadn’t thought too much about the next step. We started to talk about the foundation degree course that runs full time. He told me I had an incredible talent and if I wanted to go on to university I had the talent to go to any major arts school in the country! I had a lot to think about, was I really going to give up a full time job to go back to college at 25? As I’m sure you can guess I did. In September 2013, after much deliberation I became a full time student again. It could not have been a better decision. I fell instantly in love with the course and I felt I had found my home at the Allen Building (the creative arts campus at Kendal College). The next 12 months changed my life completely. Not only did I learn an incredible amount about my own specialty but I tried my hand at a whole host of different art forms. The college is an incredible place and I was given some of the most unbelievable opportunities, such as being the official photographer for the Comic Arts Festival, exhibiting my work in the Castle Dairy, being part of a team which put together a display space at the Abbot Hall, photographing the preforming arts students and having my work published in newspapers, magazines and used for college PR. I applied to 3 universities across the country and received unconditional offers from all of them. Dave was right, I could go anywhere! As it happened I got married and then pregnant so uni was put on the back burner.

I wasn’t about to give up on my photography though, I just channeled my creativity into my second big love…horses!


My baby boy is now 6 and I also have a daughter who was 1 in July. I didn’t do any photography throughout lockdown and it was only in the Spring of this year that I actually managed to get back to work.

Many people overlook photography as a form of art, but, just like an traditional artist my photography is very different to that of other photographers. I am so passoinate about my work and am constantly learning new techniques, finding new inspiration and exploring my own creative vision. My photography has come a long way in the last 10 years, its been on a huge journey and looking back at pieces I created when I was just starting out I can see huge improvement, I hope this is still true in another 10 years.

I am proud of the work I produce and my aim is to give all of my clients images that make them smile. Pieces of art that can appreciated for years to come and enjoyed by all.

If you got all the way though that, congratulations! and thank you!

Becky Xx

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